Liat Karpel Gurwicz

eCommerce Strategy to the max., Wix

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I am a seasoned branding and growth marketing expert and have held strategic marketing and communications positions, leading both B2B and B2C products to market. I am an expert in building and positioning brand identities, packaging products for go-to-market, and implementing product growth strategy.

I focus on strategic marketing at the product or product line level. I am adept at analyzing markets and customer needs in order to refine the business objectives, define the target market, and develop competitive differentiation. I specialize in developing product packaging and product launch strategies, including positioning, messaging, business models and pricing. I build & implement product growth strategy.

I have a proven success record of increasing brand awareness, product adoption and ROI through both online and offline marketing channels, including product marketing, growth marketing, performance marketing, content marketing, community, public relations, branding, events, partnerships, and more.

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Solving The Challenges of Customer Lifetime Value

Liat Karpel Gurwicz