Becky Hopkin

Automated Bidding for Google Shopping Campaigns

A Talk by Becky Hopkin (Google Ads specialist & eCommerce MasterPlan Crew member, Digital Gearbox)

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Like it or not, Google is continuing to increase the amount of automation available within the campaign manager. Using advanced machine learning, they can now monitor your campaign’s performance and set a bid in every auction to help you maximise your campaign's success. But should we really trust in Google to manage our precious marketing spend?

In this session, PPC specialist Becky Hopkin will run through the different automated bid strategies that are available for Shopping campaigns and how to choose the right one for you.

She'll also give her advice on how to properly test whether an automated bidding strategy can be more effective than a manual bidding strategy based on her vast experience of managing a variety of eCommerce Google Ads accounts at Digital Gearbox.

Becky is a member of our eCommerce MasterPlan Crew - so you can book a free consultation with her via the link on the right hand side of this page.

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About The Speakers

Becky Hopkin

Becky Hopkin

Google Ads specialist & eCommerce MasterPlan Crew member, Digital Gearbox